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Project Manager

As projects managers, we need a quick outlook on a overall state of our teams workload, we need to stay always up to date with notifications, and quickly react to or agile environment.

With Beaconly you can do just that.

  • All your Asana Boards accessible?
  • All your Trello Boards accessible?
  • All the Jira Tickets assigned to you, with current status?
  • Confluence Notifications?
  • Confluence Tasks?
  • … and so much more with over 400 extensions.
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Cloud Architect

Beaconly offers over 400+ extensions, and couple hundred of status extensions. It has never been easier to access status of your favorite service inside a macOs menu, with a visual indicator, and direct link to it.

  • Atlassian Services status easily visible?
  • AWS Servers status easily visible?
  • Google Services status easily visible?
  • Alibaba Services status easily visible?
  • Microsoft Azure Services status easily visible?
  • CloudFare Services status easily visible?
  • … and hundreds more.
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Software Engineer

Being Agile Software Engineer these days is quite a mission, you have to stay on top your PR's, your assigned tickets, you have to track Github, Confluence, StackOverflow status of Cloud Services you use, what if you could have all that information, in your custom build menu, one click away?

  • Jira Issues with their current status, ond one click that takes you straight there?
  • Any Cloud Service provider status?
  • Confluence Notifications?
  • Trello Cards with their current status, ond one click that takes you straight there?
  • Github, BitBucket, issues and pull requests?
  • StackOverflow recent questions?
  • … and many more.
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Beaconly is not just for IT Professionals, with versatility and broad spectrum of extension, anyone can make menu, that helps them stay informed.

  • Staying on top of Bitcoin, Ethereum or other Crypto Currencies?
  • Keeping track of exchange rates with TransferWise?
  • Wikipedia random facts of the day?
  • YouTube latest videos?
  • Covid19 statistics?
  • … and many more.
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