Beaconly Roadmap

There are number of features currently in development for Beaconly. Whether it’s visual improvements, new extensions in the extensions library, or completely new features.

Our current highest priority list in terms of new features is:

  1. Custom Extensions editor / maker, with a step by step guide to help you create your own extensions, and submit them to the repository
  2. OAuth for easier Extensions settings, with “one-click” login
  3. Ability to copy settings from extension to extension (if they repeat in the menu to avoid copy & paste)
  4. Adding Graphing for line charts support
  5. Adding Support for custom “extensions” server, to allow for business customers

Missing an extension or feature?

We are always striving to improve our app, and bring more to the table. If you have any ideas about an extension you would like to see, or a feature you are missing, or simply just want to say hi, you can do that here.

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