Connect the world to your custom macOs menu.

Beaconly is a flexible, easy to use data aggregating menu app that ties relevant information to you, beautifully one click-away in your macOs menu bar.

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Beaconly Data Aggregating
Information Centric

Information Centric
All those extensions in one simple menu.

Beaconly brings all of your freshly updated, day-to-day information into one easy to use spot, with links, graphs and hand-picked details.

Easy to use

Easy to use
Install, remove, re-order extensions with just a couple of clicks.

We have worked really hard to make our app easy to use. Extensions can be installed with a single click, re-ordered with a natural drag and drop experience, and deleted just as easy.


More than 400+ extensions, and counting.

Beaconly provides you with an ever growing palette of extensions for your day to day life that you can use, customize and setup.

Jira Issues, Asana Tickets, Trello Cards and so much more right inside your Beaconly menu.

We work tirelessly every day to build more robust and useful extensions, which you can easily setup and drop in.

Privacy Focused

Privacy by Design
No data collection on our end. Ever.

We have designed Beaconly to connect to the services and websites you love, but with privacy in mind.

We do not collect any data about you, not even the extensions you install and actively use. All the connections and data calls are between you and the provider of the service you choose to connect to.

All the information you need

Beaconly is the perfect app for your every day use. Whether you are a developer that is trying to stay on top of his workload and tech infrastructure status, or a project manager, student or simply a scrum master. Beaconly ties in unique services you choose into the macOs top bar menu, and lets you see relevant information with direct links in a neat, and easy to use menu.

Beaconly: macOs Menu Bar App

Customize your way

Having over 400+ extensions to choose from can be overwhelming, but Beaconly makes it really easy to manage and visualize information in your top bar menu with:

  • Simple drag and drop re-ordering
  • Extension settings with helpful dialogs to guide you through the settings
  • Search extensions by title, category and description
  • Install new extensions with ease
  • Remove or add custom separators, and text titles to give your information structure
  • and so. much. more …
Beaconly: macOs Customizable Menu Bar App
Beaconly: macOs Menu Bar App with Debugging

Debugging is hard

Knowing why something doesn't work is hard. Did I setup an extension incorrectly? Is it my API Key that is wrong, or my user id? Beaconly comes to the rescue, with first class error messages, that will help you navigate any problem.

Other Features

  • Always helpful Support Team
  • Small system footprint, as the app uses NSBackgroundActivityScheduler with QualityOfService.utility settings. You can read about it here.
  • Ability to set any extension "refresh time", which tells the system how often it should capture new data
  • Fitting in with Dark / Light mode, and using system colors, fonts and sizes to perfectly fit into your macOs
  • Ability to set Beaconly to start at system launch
  • Effortless, secure, and private
  • Extension logos, that help identify what you're looking for at first glance
  • Regular updates with great upcoming features

How others use Beaconly

Discover how others like yourself use Beaconly to help them stay more productive, less distracted and on top of their day to day life.

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